Maribor, May 13TH and 14TH 20209

Presentation of Papers

As you have seen in the programme, the session of your group will comprise presentation and discussion of five or six papers. The time available for the presentation of these papers will be one and a half hour. Each of the groups will have a conference chairperson, while all authors will seat next to him at the front table. After the presentation of all papers, a common discussion will be held. Therefore you are kindly asked to stay in the conference hall until the end of the session.

For the presentation of paper we ask authors to consider the following instructions:

  • Maximum 8 to 10 minutes are available for the presentation.

  • You should not repeat (or even re-read) your paper at the presentation. The paper is already printed in the Proceedings. It is better to give only a brief summary, and to present some new findings, which may have emerged in the course of further researches.

  • Available technical equipment:
    • Projector

  • During the preparation of transparencies and slides, please take into account the following proposals:
    • Slides should be clear and not too much filled with graphs and text;
    • Please use large letters, 5 - 6 words in one line;
    • The illustrations (especially the colour ones) should be clear, in one graph maximum three curves may be shown;
    • Please do not show tables; they are hard to understand in one minute.
    • All illustrations should be compiled and drawn in such a way that even a participant, sitting in the last row of the conference hall (approximately 20 meters from the screen), will be able to understand them.

  • You may count that you will need at least one minute for the presentation and description of each illustration, therefore in the course of your presentation, you will be able to present maximum 8 to 10 illustrations (slides).

  • Discussions will be held at the end of each session, which comprises the presentations of all papers.

  • Before the session, please contact the conference chairperson and inform him/her, who of the authors will present the paper. A technician will also be available at that time, whom please give your slides (settled in the right order for the presentation), or express other requirements in order to ensure undisturbed presentation of your paper at the appropriate professional level.


International Expert Meeting
Komunalna energetika - oskrba z energijo / Power Engineering

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